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Jingles and soundtracks production

Bixio Publishing Group makes its great experience in making music for pictures available to film and television producers. We work closely with some of the best known Italian soundtracks composers, for the creation of original scores targeted to specific projects. We created soundtracks for several films and for the most successful and popular Italian television series (Un medico in famiglia, I Cesaroni, Tutti pazzi per amore, Sissi etc..)

Music licensing

You can request synchronization licenses for all music belonging to Bixio Publishing Group, for each kind of project: advertising, television, film, CD ROM, DVD, Internet and new media etc. Licenses can concern both publishing and master rights. Our new website Have a sync allows you to browse the entire Bixio Publishing Group archive and to directly obtain the song and the sync license. Thanks to the digitization and the classification of the entire catalog, music can be searched using criteria such as instrumentation, music genre, style of reference or the mood you want to evoke.

Music licensing for USA, Canada and South America

For those countries music licensing is managed by Miriam Westercappel for IDM Music.

Music consulting

Bixio Publishing Group can provide its costumers with assistance in finding tracks in the catalog, according to their specific needs and to the characteristics of their projects.

Negotiations for the acquisition of third-parties master rights licenses

When a costumer requires music whose master rights belong to others, we can get him in touch with the owners of the master.