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The composer Cesare Andrea Bixio founded in Naples the first company of the Publishing Group. Bixio becomes the most representative author of those years, first proposing a reference system for the Italian pop songs who until then were based on French compositions or on dialect.


Bixio’s work obtain a great resonance and Publisher Carisch, Milan, concludes with his company a distribution contract.


Cesare Andrea Bixio composes the soundtrack of the first Italian sound film, La canzone dell’amore. It’s the beginning of a continuous cooperation between the Publishing Group, the cinema and the great opera singers as Tito Schipa and Beniamino Gigli.


For the movie What scoundrels men are! (Gli uomini che mascalzoni), Cesare Andrea Bixio writes the immortal song Parlami d'amore Mariu, which is played by Vittorio De Sica.


Cesare Andrea Bixio composes Mamma (words by Bixio Cherubini), which obtains international success thanks to Beniamino Gigli’s performances. Even today it is one of the most famous Italian songs in the world.


The song Lasciami cantare una canzone played by Achille Togliani and composed by Cesare Andrea Bixio gets third place at the Sanremo Festival.


Buon anno…Buona fortuna by Cesare Andrea Bixio wins first prize in the tv show Canzonissima.


Cesare Andrea Bixio founds two record labels, Cinevox Record and Bubble, the first specialized in soundtracks, and the second in pop music. The two labels collaborate with talented authors, representing the renewal of Italian music. In the following decades, the Cinevox produces over 700 soundtracks, signed by the most important Italian composers.


The soundtrack of the movie “Metti una sera a cena” (G. Patroni Griffi), composed by Ennio Morricone receives the golden record.


Bixio Publishing Group signs three major exclusive: with Titanus, with Euro International Film and with Rizzoli.


Cinevox gets a new gold record for the soundtrack of the film A Fistful of Dynamite, directed by Sergio Leone. The author of the music is Ennio Morricone.


Cinevox produces the soundtrack for Dario Argento’s masterpiece, Deep Red (Profondo Rosso). The soundtrack (Gaslini / The Goblin) gets the golden record and it becomes an international success. The single lasts 55 weeks in the charts.


Foundation of Trafalgar Studios , initially specialized in the recording of soundtracks, then multi-purpose center for audiovisual production.


Keith Emerson composes, for Cinevox Records, the soundtrack of the film Inferno, directed by Dario Argento.


The song Kalimba de Luna Tony Esposito, produced by Bubble sells over 5 million copies worldwide, and receives the golden record and the critics' prize.


Foundation of Musikstrasse, a record label specialized in classical music.

Bixio Publishing Group produces the soundtrack of the tv series “Un medico in famiglia”. The music is written by Andrea Guerra, a composer who is now known internationally. It is the beginning of a collaboration with the production company Publispei.


The Bixio Publishing Group produces the soundtrack of the short series “Un posto tranquillo”, in the top ten plays of the year.


The soundtrack of the Italian TV series "I Cesaroni" obtains great success, especially thanks to the theme "Adesso che ci siete voi", composed by Andrea Guerra and performer by Matteo Branciamore.


Bixio receives the Key Award for best repertoire song in a commercial. The song is Parlami d'amore Mariu, included in the international advertising campaign D & G Light Blue. Furthermore, the soundtrack of the TV series "Tutti pazzi per amore" becomes a hit.


"Je t'aime", the new signature tune of the sixth season of "Un medico in famiglia", performed by Giulia Luzi and produced by Cinevox Record, is a huge public success, totalling 500,000 hits on YouTube.


Cinevox Record produces the soundtrack for the TV film "Sissi", an international production (Italy, Austria, Germany) focusing on the life of Princess Elisabeth of Austria. The scores are composed by Pino Donaggio. Have a Sync ( is launched, an innovative online music licensing platform.


The musical comedy "Gli imprevedibili ragazzi de I Cesaroni" opens, being the second theatrical production by Cinevox Record after the musical "Profondo Rosso" (2008).


The Contest "Cinevox - L’immagine del suono" is launched. The label puts a part of its historical musical archive at the disposal of young filmmakers, and invites them to make shorts that are inspired by Cinevox tracks. The Contest is an attempt to bring up-and-coming talents from the world of filmmaking closer to audiovisual production. Indeed, contestants will compete to win a range of professional opportunities.


The exhibition "C.A. Bixio – Musica e parole nel '900 italiano" is launched.